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Questions To Hire The Best Agent!                    

  1. Have you been a licensed Real Estate Professional for at least 3 full years or longer ?

    WHY: This lets you know that this Real Estate Professional has been successful where up to 80% of Real Estate Professional have failed to survive in the business for this length of time.

    RESPONSE: Gary has been a licensed Real Estate Professional since January, 1995.

  2. Are you a licensed Real Estate Broker, not just a Real Estate Salesperson?

    WHY: Real Estate Brokers are require by the state to have more training to serve you than just a Real Estate Salesperson. Also, a Broker can provide additional services that a Real Estate Salesperson is not allowed to provide, including appraisals.

    RESPONSE: Gary has been a licensed Real Estate Broker since November, 1996.

  3. Will you Exclusively Represent Only One Side of Each Buying/Selling Transaction ?

    WHY: Obviously, the Sellers want the highest price and the Buyers want the lowest price for the home. That's why many Real Estate Professionals & Legal Professionals believe that it is a conflict of interest for a Real Estate Professional to be the Representative for both the Buyer & Seller in the same transaction.

    RESPONSE: Gary exclusively represents the Buyers OR Sellers in each transaction & he would never even consider giving divided loyalty to a Client!

  4. Do you have total control of the Home Marketing Systems & Fees for your Sellers ?

    WHY: If a Real Estate Professional doesn't have total control over these two aspects of your transaction, you probably won't get the right services at the right price.

    RESPONSE: As the President of BEST REAL ESTATE PROS.COM, Gary has total control over both these issues in the marketing of your home.

  5. Do you offer a "Buyers' Advantage Program to all your Buyers ?

    WHY: A "Buyers' Advantage Program" can provide Home Buyers thousands of dollars of value in the purchase of your home.

    RESPONSE: BEST REAL ESTATE PROS.COM provides the "Best Buyers' Advantage Program" TM Representation to all our Home Buyers.

  6. Have you been selected by your Real Estate peers to serve in Leadership Positions ?

    WHY: Who knows Real Estate Professionals better than their own peers. Being selected to serve in Leadership Positions by other Real Estate Professionals says that this person is trusted.

    RESPONSE: Gary has served in many Leadership Positions in the Real Estate Business from Chairman of the largest Division of REALTORS (R) in Indiana, up to the Executive Director for the Independent Real Estate Brokers Association of Indiana and more. The state's largest Division of REALTORS(R) has name Gary "REALTOR (R) OF THE YEAR".

    Gary is focused on saving his Clients' time & money and provide the best services !


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