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Home Buying Secrets!

#1. Never Buy From The Listing Agent!

You should have your own Exclusive Real Estate Agent. This is the most important part of success in any Real Estate transaction.

Many first-time Buyers will go out and purchase a home directly from the Sellers' Broker or from a Home Builder's Representative.

This is probably the Biggest Mistake a Home Buyer can make !

Even with the homes that we listed, we recommend that you allow us to assist you in selecting your own Exclusive Buyers' Representative/Consultant!

The Sellers' Brokers or Builder's Reps may be the most honest people in the world, but they have an existing relationship with the Sellers. They have "promised" the Seller that they will get the best possible price for their home. They have committed to represent the best interest of the Sellers.

Then a Buyer calls the Sellers Broker's or Builder's phone number off some advertisement and says, "Please, help me buy the home that you're selling.".

Generally, this leads to paying $1,000s more for the home than the Buyer who has their own Representative/Consultant. And this really becomes a problem when the Buyer has to sell the home quickly, that they paid too much to buy.

A Buyer without their own Representative/Consultant will not only pay too much for the home, but they will almost always make everyone of the Biggest Mistakes that a Buyer can make!

By the way, buying directly from a Home Seller without your own Buyer's Rep or Consultant is even worse! Home Sellers who are not licensed Real Estate Professional can do almost anything to gain an advantage in a real estate transaction. They have no concerns of losing a professional license, being fined by the state's Real Estate Commission or disciplined by the Real Estate Brokers Association.

And if the Home Seller is a licensed Real Estate Professional, they can do almost anything to ensure their best interest as long as they don't commit fraud or violate local, state or federal laws.

The bottom line is that you should always have your own exclusive Buyer's Rep or Consultant!

#2. Find A Real Estate Company That Offers A Cash Grant Program!

These Cash Grant Programs offer free money that never has to be re-paid on almost all homes that are offered through the MLS (Multiple Listings Service).

BEST REAL ESTATE PROS.COM offers a Cash Grant Program to all our Buyers as part of our "Buyers' Advantage Program".TM

Our Cash Grants currently average between 1 to 1 1/2% of the price of our Buyers homes and
go up as high as 2% for some new construction homes.

#3. Get a Professionally Trained Buyers' Representative/Consultant.

Most Real Estate Professional have no specialized, professional training to work with Home Buyers! That's why Home Buyers should seek out the assistance of a professionally trained Buyers' Rep or Consultant.

There are three major Professional Designations that Real Estate Professionals can earn to serve Home Buyers at a higher level than the ordinary Real Estate Pro.

The Professional Designation that demains the highest level of professionalism in every transaction is the CBC or Certified Buyers Consultant. If you are served by a CBC you will see the difference from the first consultation through your home's closing & beyond!

The other two Professional Designations are the CBR (Certified Buyers Rep) & ABR (Accredited Buyers Rep). Both of these Professional Designations are recommended for Home Buyers too.

Professional Trained Buyers' Representative/Consultants Understand the Complexity of the Buying Process.

#4. Get Pre-Qualified Before Beginning the Buying Process.

#5. Let Reason Rule Over Emotions in the Buying Process.

#6. Understanding the Value of Experienced Negotiating Skills.

#7. Get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Before Making An Offer.

#8. Get the Right Home Inspector.


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