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Best Buyers' Advantage Program TM    

Free Cash Grant Programs!    

When you use the "Best Buyers' Advantage Program"TM ...

Your Home Will Most Likely Qualify For Our Free Cash Grant Program. (100% of our Buyers' homes have qualified for our Free Cash Grant Program.)

This Is Money That Will Never Have To Be Re-Paid!
Up to 2% of the price of the home you purchase through us
and it's doesn't matter who's real estate company sign is in the yard.

(Currently our Cash Grants average between 1 to 1 1/2% on all homes
and go up as high as 2% selected new home construction.)


What does else the"Best Buyers' Advantage Program"TM offer?


First, you'll be served by an "Certified Buyer Consultant"
(The "CBC" is the highest designation for Real Estate Pros who work with Home Buyers).
This ensures that you'll get the kind of true professional service that you want.

Second, we will represent you as an Exclusive Buyer's Agent (Never as a "Limited Agent").
This is an important difference that we can explain completely
when you interview us about serving you.

Third, we'll send you information on homes that interest you...
...directly to your e-mail address.

Fourth, we'll help you to get pre-qualified before you begin...
... to get the right home, maximize your buying power & response time.

Fifth, we'll make sure that you have the opportunity...
... to get a Home Warranty... protect your home through your first year of ownership.

Sixth, we'll help you find one of the finest Home Inspection Companies...
... to inspect your home, before you buy it.


Because Best Real Estate Pros.Com has made a commitment to offer
our Best Buyers' Representation,
Home Buyers who use "The Best Buyers' Advantage Program" TM
must use one of our Real Estate Pros as an Exclusive Buyers' Agent
to purchase a home within a 3 month time frame.


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